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Best Porcelain Slab Manufacturer in India

A Good tiling solution in your house or commercial complex should be more than simply tougher and more lasting. They also are supposed to make life easier for you. Porcelain slabs checks all of those boxes, making it an excellent alternative that is typically less expensive than any other stone or tiles. As it is, for a long time, porcelain slabs were not favoured as an ideal solution but circumstances have changed! Porcelain slabs are sturdy, long-lasting, and resistant to water and germs and the list go on. Porcelain slabs are available in a range of styles. They are available in a lot more design options for commercial or domestic needs. 

Porcelain slabs are durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically beautiful. They offer a lot of advantages, ranging from stain resistance to textured grip. However, and perhaps most importantly, it is resistant to a range of weather conditions. They are non-porous and extraordinarily water resistant, with absorption rate of 0.05 percent. They are basically impermeable due to their low porosity, offering increased traction in wet conditions and protecting users from potential slip hazards. 

The Porcelain slabs have been around for many years now, but have gained popularity in the market only in the last few years. They create a strong impression and may be utilised in ways that marble and other natural stones cannot. They are not handcrafted by craftsmen, but rather in high-tech facilities where most of the process is mechanised and managed by machines.

Porcelain Slab Manufacturer in India

As porcelain slabs India manufacturer, Group of Metro has been at forefront in the Indian tile market. As to how is porcelain slab made? They are made from the highest-grade natural clay and go through a rigorous two-part process of sintering and pressing. The thorough treatment therefore produces a combination from which our end product of the highest quality Porcelain tile emerges. The product itself, because it is manufactured from natural raw materials, mimics the beauty and quality of genuine stones while being superior. 

Resistance to moisture and durability and strength to withstand stress, wear and tear over time are its unmistakable characteristics, which are instilled and are made possible by its complex and intense high-temperature treatment. This treatment thus gives the Tile a lot of low-maintenance characteristics, as well as its high thickness and vital hardness to withstand all kinds of applications. Because of its qualities and current in-house developments that they have accomplished through years of expertise and a team of professionals, their product is definitely a suitable alternative for marbles as well, and because of its adaptability, it is far better an option than other stones or granites.

How is porcelain slab made?

Porcelain slabs are made in an intensive manner under strict supervision at Group of Metro. At first, water and the refined raw materials are combined till they form a sand-like consistency. Although materials differ significantly, feldspar, clay, silica sand, and other elements are used in the combination. Following this, a spray drier eliminates extra moisture from the mixture until it reaches the desired consistency before being put into a press. The porcelain mixture is then squeezed or pressed to provide the shape to the tile. Each size and form of available porcelain tiles uses a specific punch called Greenware to manufacture the tile's body. Greenware refers to tiles that have not yet been glazed or fired. Prior to that, the raw materials are dried in a dryer to eliminate moisture and prepare the tiles for the following phase. After the tiles have cured, the pattern and colours are added with a high-tech inkjet printer. The glaze is placed after the design has been made to protect the tiles. 

Benefits of Porcelain Slab

Group of Metros’ Porcelain slabs are packed with added benefits both in terms of its application and usage as well its properties: 

  1. As compared to other tiles porcelain tiles are easier to set up and install requiring simple adhesive followed by grout for seams. However, the installation requires to be handled by a specialist only.
  2. The ability to withstand heat is because of its high temperature treatment.
  3. Porcelain slabs are less expensive than other materials, making them cost effective
  4. Because of its large format, they have fewer seams and thus ensure a luxurious appearance.
  5. It also boasts of endless application from walls, floors to backsplashes, worktops, sinks, tubs, showers, fireplace surrounds, furnishings, external cladding, pools, patios, and more.
  6. Because of its properties Porcelain slabs are easier to clean can withstand wear and tear. 
  7. Porcelain slab is perfect for any household application since it is denser and less porous than other materials, and resists stains.
  8. It is possible to install it over existing surfaces or tiles and thus is convenient that way.
  9. Infinite surfaces designs resembling wood and stones or having solid colours or patterns, Porcelain slabs have everything.

The Porcelain slabs are a popular pick amongst Interior decorators and fashion and elegance enthusiasts due to its adaptability and unparalleled unique designs. No pattern or finish is hard to achieve on these tiles thanks to our in-house digital printability and the persistent work of our design and product development team. They're attractive and long-lasting, with the tiles' sheen and gloss maintaining throughout the lifetime of the flooring. 

Porcelain slabs, with their unique thinness and lightweight design, enable you to transform a space like never before. Make an enviable design with a variety of colours and finishes that convey refinement in any interior space. The large porcelain slabs provide an artistic and thematic possibility capable of translating the essential nature of each endeavour: from wall and floor claddings to interior design aspects incorporated into bathroom and kitchen countertops, tabletops, kitchen sinks, and tables for both business and residential settings, with both interior and exterior applications.

Article Updated:- January 13, 2022