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Ceramic Tiles Supplier in Dubai

Ceramic tiles have a way of mesmerizing the onlookers and with their many properties and qualities, it is not a surprise that ceramic tiles manufacturers keep evolving their tiles to meet, or perhaps foresee, the growing demand and change in innovations. Dubai has always been a demanding, competitive and has always provided a lucrative market for ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles manufacturer in UAE have always had their hands full with the growing demand and the changing trend of the middle eastern giant.

Ceramic Tiles Supplier in Dubai

With authentic and highly recognised skill and manufacturing ability, The Group of Metro is considered as one of the top most ceramic tiles supplier for all type of tiling needs. Taking the industry by storm as the hottest, most cost effective, and eco-friendly solution, they have been able to churn out the most innovative most aesthetically pleasing tiling solution. Over two decades there haven’t been a brand which has consistently been able to impress the customers like the Group of Metro has, and that is despite the fast-changing tile sector. Their premium ceramic tiles are made using high-grade raw materials and the best chemical additives for great quality and long life.

As one of the foremost supplier and ceramic tiles manufacturers in UAE, the Group of Metro has been able to fulfil the requirement of the Dubai based clientele. Being fully aware of the challenging market and difficult to please customer base, Group of Metro have been able to both impress and satisfy the Dubai market with its unique, world-class ceramic tiles which are as beautiful as the Dubai signature skyscrapers and as is enhanced with the eminence that is synonym with the name of Dubai. 

Their Product Quality 

Metro Group of Companies have been able to create the best ceramic tiles with the most inspiring of situations in mind. Their ceramic tiles are created using the most ultra-modern machineries acquired from the in the world, along with the latest facility spread around 4 dedicated plants in Morbi. All this combined with the best minds in the tiles industry and the workforce that is unmatched by any of its competitors. Their Ceramic tiles are the preferred choice of Interior Decorators and style and luxury enthusiasts due to its multifunctional use and unrivalled design choices. No design is difficult to make on these tiles thanks to their inhouse digital printing facility which provide them and edge over their counterparts. The ceramic tiles that they produce are renowned as being attractive and long-lasting.

Their reputation is owing to its operation process which ensures that each phase of the production is properly monitored and verified for its quality. Their tiles are made from the best clay available and are meant to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Group of Metro has pledged to flourish around the world with their high-quality ceramic tiles, having been certified for Indian and International quality standards and using rigorous processes to produce our tiles in accordance with current trends.

Right from selection of the best and finest raw material acquisition till the final packaging, which is in accordance with the international standards for minimal or No damage, Group of Metro has set precedence in creating the best ceramic tiles and supplying and satisfying one of the toughest markets on the planet – Dubai. 

About Group of Metro

METRO GROUP OF COMPANIES, which was founded in 2002, has established itself as one of India's leading suppliers of ceramic tiles. The Group which is based in Morbi, Gujarat, and is one of the top sellers of the ceramic tiles in Indian domestic market as well as the international market. Their operation which is centred around its esteemed customer base, is driven to transform the tile industry as a whole. Group of Metro has risen to the top of India's tile sector with the sole objective to deliver the best tiling solution around the world. After nearly two decade and various technical improvements to expand its global presence Group of Metro has successfully established itself as a global force; with exports to over ten nations across three continents, it has accomplished that goal and still aspires for much more.

Why Are They Preferred?

Group has been the pinnacle of class and certainty, having gone beyond the realms of imagination and already established standards. They've been creating waves in the ceramic and porcelain tile industry for years, winning praise from every corner of the world. It has effectively reflected the business ethics and reputation from their experience since its switch to premium grade tile manufacturing. Their Ceramic tiles are extremely long-lasting and easy to maintain. These tiles do not collect dust or bacteria and can be cleaned with a single swipe. As a result, their tiles require very minimal maintenance throughout the course of their lives. Ceramic floor tiles have a very consistent density and toughness composition, and as a result of these characteristics, they are scratch, stain, and dent resistant, as well as water resistant.

Their commitment to providing high-quality items makes them suitable for both modern and traditional settings. In addition, the Group has a large clientele base in both the local and foreign markets in India. The firm has already established a solid commercial network that spans continents. Their products' precision, smooth polishing, and solid workmanship and longevity have become appreciated all around the world.

Article Updated:- January 28, 2022