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Best Double Charge Vitrified Tiles Exporting Company in India

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

With each evolution in the tiles industry, tiles are becoming more and more engaging. Such is the double charge vitrified tiles which can enchant ones senses with its practical as well as artistic appeal. Aside from a refined colour palette and captivating designs, they are a unique tiling solution that exudes a stimulating charm. 

Double charge tiles are essentially, two layers of tiles stacked one on top of another. Double charge tiles are becoming increasingly popular since they are designed to offer twice as much as the standard tiling solutions. Double charged vitrified tile is an excellent choice for highly polished living room and bedroom floors due to its appealing appearance and ability to reflect natural light that penetrates any area. Double charge tiles manufacturer like Group of Metro have regularly come up with the best designs and patterns to mesmerize your minds.

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles Exporter

Group of Metro has been the foremost vitrified floor tiles exporter in India and around the world. Each of their double charge tiles is manufactured with the best materials utilising current Nano-technology and polished with gloss using crucial polishing technology which gives it its signature sheen. Their double charge floor tiles are highly treated to guarantee that they enhance the ambience of whatever space they are installed. Upgrade your living environment with this ultimate collection of luxury-inspired tiles.

Being a leading double charge tiles manufacturer, the Group of Metro have been constantly evolving their tiles and it is because of this that they are considered one of the best options in the Indian domestic circuit as well as the much broader global market. Their ultra-modern facility which includes a highly facilitated storage and maintenance of their finished goods. This facility never gives up on their reputation and hence makes way for uninterrupted meeting of demands for customers all over the world.

Their double charge vitrified tiles are the embodiment of power, splendour, and high living. Their skilled staff works tirelessly to produce the highest quality vitrified tiles. Each tile, from digital vitrified tiles to polished vitrified tiles, has its own special charm. The highly glossy sheen of these vitrified tiles creates a mirror-like effect that can make any size appear magnificent. The ultra-modern, cutting-edge technique that we utilise to manufacture these tiles ensures their endurance. Our premium collection of polished vitrified tiles is a stunning combination of scientific and aesthetic prowess.

Why Choose Group of Metro?

Their reputation precedes their products and hence it is by default their tiles find home in so many spaces seamlessly. Their double charge vitrified tiles in particular are an exceptional piece of work that provides not just the beauty aspect necessary for a home but also the most significant factors that makes them perfect for commercial usage too.

Because of its enhanced inherent qualities, double charge vitrified tiles are well-known and highly preferred tiling solution. They have all the requisite qualities of a tile, which have been developed to the point where they can be managed in terms of what they can supply, allow them to repel dust, water, and bacteria. The thickness of the tiles, as well as the painstaking manufacturing process that goes into infusing two layers of tiles, gives it the required strength to endure anything. This quality also assures that your investment in the double charge tiles will last for a long time. 

The double charged vitrified tiles are almost completely resistant to water and that is ensured by the strenuous production process, which ensures that the surface of the double charge tiles is nearly impermeable to water. This characteristic also ensures that the second layer does not absorb moisture and continues to support the upper layer for the duration of its life. Their double charge vitrified tiles are all coated with Nano Polishing Technology to guarantee they are smooth and even throughout. If subjected to wear and tear and stains, the double charge vitrified tiles, is extremely stubborn to let them home on it.

Group of Metro

The Group of Metro has a long standing history and for that they have become a brand that has become synonymous with quality. The Group of Metro has risen above its competitors in the double charged vitrified tiles manufacturing due to inherent superior knowledge and painstaking research abilities. Group of Metro, has not only satisfied the requirements and guaranteed the prestige in the Indian market, but has also enabled a ground-breaking access into the world's stage with their world class tiles, and the proof of it is their strong export ties with over 20 countries worldwide.

The Group of Metro is flourishing, and that has been made sure of by their commitment and dedication to their craft and due to its determination to come up with revolutionary new concepts to transform the face of the double charge vitrified tiles in India.