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How To Maintain Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring can make any room in the house look elegant and beautiful. There is no doubt that hardwood floors are considered to be quite expensive to install but they will last almost forever with proper maintenance. In this article we will discuss about different aspects of maintaining them properly so that the wooden floor lasts for a very long time.

26 Best Tips To Maintain Hardwood Floors

1. Use of Mops

When you use mops to clean your wooden floors, you must make sure that the mop is not wet while cleaning because this will ruin your flooring surface and all the hard work for sealing will go in vain as it will leave behind watermarks on the floor. Also one tip for a cleaner wooden floor is that always remove shoes when you are entering your house to avoid scratching the wooden flooring.

2. Seal Them

Before installing hardwood floors, it is important to seal them with a good quality sealant so as to protect them from moisture and dirt . The right kind of sealant is recommended for your flooring type. The maintenance of the floor can be done by simply mopping the floors regularly with a damp cloth.

3. Use Non-Skid Rugs

If you want to avoid any kind of slippery situations in your kitchen or bathroom then use non-skid rugs over hardwood flooring . The other important thing is that use non-slip mats on your bathroom floors.

4. Use of Glue Down Or Nail Down Hardwood Flooring

Many people ask this question as to which one is more suitable for the installation of a wooden floor, well it depends on your budget as nail down floors are cheaper than glue down floors. The cost of the flooring also depends on the material you are using to install it.

5. Adjust Room Temperature

The ideal room temperature for installing a hardwood floor is 68°F-72°F , if you needed to clean the floor then do it when the room temperature is between 68°F-72°F for best result.

6. Regular Mopping

Regular mopping with a damp cloth is considered to be the ideal way to clean and maintain your wooden floors for long lasting results, but if you wanted to install a wooden floor in your kitchen then you must clean the floors immediately after cooking because it's ideal if the floors are cleaned 10 minutes after taking out food from oven.

7. Use Appropriate Cleaners

The cleaner you use to clean your hardwood floor will also a major deciding factor, so use only a mop that is specifically formulated for use on wood floors. You can also try cleaning the floor once a month with vinegar water by mixing two cups of white distilled vinegar and one gallon of warm water together. After which mop it clean, this will help in restoring shine on your wooden floors and keep them in good condition longer.

8. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans work perfect when they are installed in your ceiling, as the warm air from the floors will be circulated to the rest of the room. This also works well in winter seasons because it increases heat transfer and keeps you warm.

9. Use of Upholstery Mop

The type of mop you use also matters, because if the mops are not good then it will ruin your hardwood flooring. So always remember to use upholstery mops for daily cleaning of your house. By using these types of mops you can easily remove stains from the wooden floor, but do not use a scrubbing brush to remove stains.

10. Don’t Install It In Heavy Traffic Areas

Installing wooden floors away from heavy traffic areas are the most important tip for maintaining wooden floors so that they last longer and don't get damaged easily . If you have kids in your home then try to avoid installing wooden floors in the bedrooms, because kids don't know any kind of discipline and if you want to avoid unnecessary mess then install hardwood floors in dining room and kitchen.

11. Take Care when Installing Over Tile

If you have tile installed on your floor and want to change it with wood, then do it gradually by installing wooden flooring over the tile, not all at once. If you install hardwood floors directly on the tile then it will damage your wooden floor and in result tiles.

12. Use Wood Cleaner

Another important thing that people forget to do is to use wood cleaner , if you want to keep your hardwood flooring in good condition then you must use wood cleaner on regular basis.

13. Avoid Using Iron Objects

Many people make mistakes by cleaning their hardwood floors with an iron , it may look like a simple but effective way, but the problem is that it will leave black marks on the hardwood flooring and if you have to clean your floors then do it with a damp cloth.

14. Use Coasters

If you are having drinks at home then use coasters to avoid problems like leaving ring marks, otherwise try not to move any objects things that are made of wood on your hardwood floor.

15. Always use Rug Under Chairs 

Never place a chair directly on the wooden floors, as this will give you uncomfortable feeling and in result it may damage your hardwood floor , so always use rug under chairs while sitting for long periods of time.

16. Use Mats

Shoes are the main reason behind scratches on hardwood floorings, so if you want to avoid scratches then use mats or rugs under shoes when entering or leaving your home. This will also protect your hardwood floors from any damage caused by shoe polish.

17. Never Drag Chairs

The most important thing that you should remember about cleaning floors is that do not drag chairs on hardwood floorings, because it will cause scratches in your wood floor. So just pick up the chair and carry it to another place instead of dragging them on wooden floors. Moving large furniture items can also be a difficult task; so just take help of professional if you have any difficulty in moving them.

18. Clean Your Floors Daily

Daily cleaning can do a lot for your hardwood floors, so always try to clean the wooden floor daily with damp cloth and apply wood cleaner on it regularly to make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your floors clean.

19. Use Oils For Protection From Dust

Regular cleaning also helps in keeping dust at bay, so if you want to keep your floors clean then use hardwood flooring oil for protection from dust. Just make sure that you wipe the excess and do not apply too much of oil on the wooden flooring. It is recommended that you should apply hardwood flooring oil at least once every month.

20. Use Rug Under Furniture

Use rugs or mats under any heavy furniture items like TV's, computer tables, couches and other things to protect them from scratches on wooden floors and also help in keeping dust away from the floors. This will help you in maintaining the hardwood flooring in good condition for a longer period of time.

21. Avoid Water Spots

Try to avoid water spots on your hardwood floorings, as even after cleaning they are very difficult to remove and always end up leaving permanent marks on the wooden floor. So use this simple trick to avoid water spots on your hardwood floors.

22. Use Bamboo Flooring For Smaller Areas

If you have smaller areas in the house, then bamboo floors are a great choice for them , as they provide you with exceptional look and at same time it is eco-friendly material.

23. Protect It From Hot Surfaces

You should avoid placing hot surfaces things like dishwashers, ovens and other hot objects on wood floorings to protect them from getting damaged, so always place a towel or cloth below the appliances while moving them. This will help you in saving your hardwood flooring from getting damaged.

24. Avoid Rain and Snow

Never bring rain or snow inside the house, if it happens then clean it immediately by using a brush to prevent any damage to your hardwood floors. After removing the snow from the wooden flooring, always try to wipe them with a towel so that you can remove excess water from the floors.

25. Use Glasses and Shoes Under Furniture Legs

Always use glasses or shoes under furniture legs to avoid scratches on hardwood floorings, as it is very easy to save your wooden floors than repairing them once they are damaged severely. An experienced professional will be better suited for such work, so hire them for repairing and maintaining hardwood floors.

26. Repair Small Scratches Immediately

Repair the small scratches on wooden floorings as soon as possible to prevent their growth, because it is very difficult to repair deep scratches on hardwood floors.

Article Updated:- October 28, 2021

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