Porcelain Tiles Supplier in Philippines

Porcelain Tiles Supplier in Philippines

For a long time, the Philippines has relied on the Indian tiles market for its porcelain tile demands, and they have impacted Indian tiles manufacture to the point that it can easily fulfil the demands of this south eastern Asian nation.

Porcelain tiles have been around for a long time, dating back to the dawn of pottery, but it is only recently that they have received a fresh lease of life. Porcelain tiles has risen to prominence in recent years, brilliantly replicating the most popular looks and pushing the boundaries of the tiling business with more inventive designs, textures, and patterns. In 2022 or Philippines, things have gotten a lot more fascinating, and porcelain floor tiles supplier Group of Metro is right at the centre of this innovations.

Colourful fresh styles, and eye-catching motifs, geometric patterns, and designs are all on the way. Porcelain tiles are popular for a variety of reasons, including modern improvements and tile looks. When it comes to excellent flooring solutions, porcelain floor tile manufacturers have worked hard to enhance their goods by paying close attention to details such as textures and colour diversity.

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Because of cutting-edge advanced technologies and a stringent production process, Group of Metro has indeed been able to maintain a competitive edge in the international market, and their customized support system for alternatives and queries has made them not only the best in the country but also one of the most exciting firms in the world. 

Group of Metro has established a position as one of the most respected porcelain floor tile supplier in and around the Indian subcontinent, most recently in the Philippines, thanks to their extensive experience, most modern infrastructure, and commitment to develop and enhancing product quality.

Group of Metro, as a leading porcelain tile supplier, has not only met the demands of businesses and large infrastructure projects, but its distribution network has been so strong that it has satisfied all kinds of projects in the Philippines, regardless of their size.

Why Choose Group of Metro Porcelain Tiles?

Group of Metro is renowned for their reliability and that is what has earned them popularity in Philippines. Their porcelain tile is created from high-quality raw materials and go through a series of demanding manufacturing steps, including high-temperature treatment and extreme compression. This rigorous process yields a mix of the highest and most exquisite porcelain tile excellence, as well as the sturdiness and individuality that ensures the tiles' longevity.

As a producer and manufacturers of porcelain, they can imitate any pattern and style, such as wood floors or stones, while maintaining high-quality requirements. Group of Metro has set a standard in porcelain tile manufacture, as well as end-user supply and marketing network.


The Porcelain tiles manufactured by Group of Metro have a varied and wide range of use in many sections of your space due to their qualities that are imbibed through an extensive production process. These tiles are also more likely to last longer than typical tiles due to their qualities, making them suitable for both residential and business areas. 

Their porcelain tiles and slabs are appropriate for all interior spaces, including hallways, waiting rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, as well as exterior areas such as patio, driveways etc. Thanks to all of the design possibilities and particularly infused features, n ot only are these tiles reliable, but they also come in a variety of appealing styles and finishes that are suitable for all kinds of surfaces.